Research Showcase 2021 – Interconnected Scotland: Call for submissions

Extended Deadline! The submission deadline has been extended until 8 June 2021.

The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities hosts an annual doctoral Research Showcase to disseminate the innovative research being undertaken by arts & humanities doctoral researchers across Scotland.  

In the absence of a physical showcase in these times of limited in-person interaction, we are delighted to launch our new online Research Showcase to share the diverse, exciting and pioneering work of arts & humanities doctoral researchers in Scotland being undertaken right now. Our overarching theme for 2021 is ‘Interconnected Scotland’. 

Interconnected Scotland

Scotland and its researchers have connections with people, ideas, and communities around the world and across time. Scotland’s doctoral researchers in the arts & humanities offer a multiplicity of perspectives that can help us interpret an increasingly complex world, understand our past, understand ourselves, the world around us, and envision a brighter future. We seek submissions which speak to the overarching theme of ‘Interconnected Scotland’ and four subthemes:  

  1. Hope, Resilience, and Community 
  2. People, Power, and Place 
  3. Persisting through and Adapting to Change 
  4. Scotland, Europe, and Beyond 

Your research may fit into one or more of these subthemes. 

Your work doesn’t need to be about Scotland to be included. The themes and subthemes have been chosen to be as inclusive as possible to the wide variety of research being undertaken by Arts and Humanities PhDs in Scotland. If you are unsure how to categorise your research, please contact the Digital Curator (see below) or submit with your best choice. We will ensure your research is categorised and tagged before publishing.

Responding to the main theme and subthemes, related research topics may include, but are by no means limited to: 

  • Anthropocene/environment  
  • Authoritarian and populist politics  
  • Connectivity  
  • Decolonisation  
  • Diaspora  
  • Embracing difference  
  • Emotions/Mental Health  
  • Empire  
  • Health and wellbeing  
  • Interdisciplinarity  
  • Modern slavery  
  • Pandemic responses  
  • Placenames  
  • Scottish-European connections  
  • Scottish connections to other countries  
  • Scottish influence  
  • Scottish studies  
  • Social or cultural change 

All arts & humanities doctoral researchers based at Scottish universities are very welcome to participate in the Research Showcase. There is no live event associated with this showcase: each showcase will be a webpage on this site. To be included in the showcase participants must create and submit their materials using the submission forms no later than 8 June 2021. 

A non-exhaustive list of examples of showcase ideas:

  • Video with accompanying written introduction
  • Repurposed conference presentation, poster, or other work
  • A textual explanation with some images or a timeline
  • A series of images with detailed captions and an introduction
  • A labeled map with accompanying explanation
  • A detailed PowerPoint
  • An audio file of reading or playing creative work with explanation
Interconnected Scotland Submission Process
1 - Create your materials
2 - Fill out the submission form
3 - Submit forms and files via UofG Transfer
4- Plan your showcase structure
5 - Fill out the Media Consent and Privacy form
6 - Preview and approve your showcase
Interconnected Scotland Submission Process Overview: Create your materials, plan you showcase structure, fill out the submission form, fill out the media consent and privacy form, submit forms via UofG transfer, preview and approve your showcase.

Submissions will be accepted, drafted, and sent to participants for preview on a rolling basis, so please submit your showcase materials and forms as soon as you are able. 

For forms, guidelines and more information, please see Showcase Guidelines

You can also view an example showcase.

Contact our Digital Curator, Danielle Fatzinger, at with any questions. Please also get in touch if you would like to participate but are unsure if you will make the deadline.



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