Meet our researchers who have undertaken SGSAH Internships and Artist Residencies and explore their work in more detail.

Interior of Bell's Sports Centre
Internship at the Twentieth Century Society | 2022

Alborz Dianat

During a placement at the Twentieth Century Society, I helped deliver on the charity’s leisure centres campaign, protecting one of the most socially significant building types. The Society seeks to preserve Britain’s post-1914 built heritage, with leisure centres among the most at risk and least architecturally appreciated.
Internship at Glasgow Seed Library | 2022

Désirée Coral Guerra

My internship at the Glasgow Seed Library was a series of events of exchanges of knowledge with academic and non-academic experts on the topics of food sovereignty, soil, seed exchanges and relationship with the other non-humans, history and decoloniality. We called this research project Colonial Seeds.

Internship at SCILT | 2022

I was fortunate to be allowed to undertake the internship in the final period of my PhD after I had written the first full draft of my doctoral dissertation. At this stage, I was looking for ways of gaining additional experience to support my development as a researcher beyond the PhD. 

Internship at Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn – Galson Estate Trust | 2022

Undertaking an internship gave me the chance to do both in an organization of my choosing. I have been interested in community ownership for years and felt excited at the prospect of witnessing how a dynamic community-run body such as the Galson Trust operates on a daily basis.

Internship at the National Trust for Scotland | 2021

I thought an internship would be a great way to make sure I got the most out of my PhD experience. I wanted my experience to be as well-rounded as possible, so having the time to engage in another project in a different field was wonderful. I am considering pursuing a career in heritage, so the internship provided me with vital experience that will help if I do go down that path.

Internship at The Scottish Parliament | 2022

My internship was with the Parliament’s Oral History Project at The Scottish Parliament. This project captures untold memories from those working within and for the Parliament giving a more personal insight into what working for the Parliament means, how the institution has changed over time, and how the Parliament has influenced people’s lives and political practices in Scotland.

Artistic Residency at The University of Edinburgh Museums | 2021

In my artist residency at The University of Edinburgh Museums, I created and facilitated six-week writing-for-wellbeing workshops that engaged with the Museums’ collections for people with low-level mental health concerns. These workshops were a part of the Museums’ Prescribe Culture Programme 6, and I collaborated with the curators of four Museums/Collections.