2021 Research Showcase

Interconnected Scotland 2021

Scotland and its researchers have connections with people, ideas, and communities around the world and across time. Scotland’s doctoral researchers in the arts & humanities offer a multiplicity of perspectives that can help us interpret an increasingly complex world, understand our past, understand ourselves, understand the world around us, and envision a brighter future. 

The work showcased as part of Interconnected Scotland does all these things, whether that’s connecting 18th century vitalism to 21st century responses to mask-wearing, analysing water usage in Scotland, exploring political and cultural matters through personal and generational identity, examining mental illness in 20th century female writers in New York, or the other entryways these showcases provide into discussions on culture, the environment, health, memory, history, and more.

For details on how to create a submission for future showcases, please visit our Showcase Guidelines.

We have also placed the showcases into four subthemes, and you can explore the showcases within each subtheme through the links below.