Meet a few of our alumni and find out what they have to say about their PhD experience and what they are doing now.

Christian Ferlaino

Confluences: Folk Wisdom in Contemporary Music (University of Edinburgh | AHRC DTP | 2018)

Elena Romero-Passerin

Public botanic gardens and the early institutionalisation of science – Edinburgh, Florence, and Pisa in the second half of the eighteenth century (University of St Andrews | AHRC DTP | 2021)

Lisa Bastian

Attitudes First: Rationality Attributions and the Normativity of Rationality (University of St Andrews | AHRC DTP | 2020)

Lorna Hill

Bloody Women: A critical-creative examination of how female protagonists have transformed contemporary Scottish and Nordic crime fiction (University of Stirling | AHRC DTP | 2018)

Lucie Whitmore

Fashion Narratives of the First World War (University of Glasgow | AHRC DTP | 2019)

Nia Clark

‘[N]ew connections strung out over time’: a study of Liz Lochhead’s poetry and drama from 1972–2016 (University of Glasgow | AHRC DTP | 2021)

Paul Malgrati

Robert Burns in Scottish Politics (1914-2014) (University of St Andrews | AHRC DTP | 2020)

Rob St John

Exploded Scales, Island Imaginaries: The New Landscape in Art and Geography (University of Glasgow | AHRC DTP | 2021)

Tessa Buddle

Utopia on Tour: exploring a generative relationship between dramaturgy, devising, touring, and utopia (University of Glasgow | AHRC DTP | 2020)

Vlad Butucea

Queer Digital Performance (University of Glasgow | AHRC DTP | 2022)