Ben Redman

Ben completed his PhD at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the University of St Andrews in 2022, investigating the use of videoconferencing and low-latency technologies in instrumental music teaching. Ben has recorded and toured internationally as a percussionist and taught in over 30 schools throughout Scotland.

Host HEIRoyal Conservatoire of Scotland.

SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher projectThe use of emerging low-latency technologies to facilitate remote instrumental music teaching, rehearsing and performing in Higher Education contexts.

Man playing a music instrument in a room

About Ben’s Project

This project was a collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. The research focused on the use of LoLa and JackTrip technologies to facilitate real-time synchronous musical interactions between remote locations. These technologies have the potential to promote greater inclusion and accessibility for musicians disadvantaged by geographical location, disability or social reasons; increased cultural and artistic opportunities; and reduced environmental impact from travel.

Twitter: @benjamin_redman