David Stewart Andrew Lothian

Project Title: The Art of Stimming: Reconsidering Physical Performance and Autism

HEI: University of Glasgow

School: Film & Television Studies, School of Culture & Creative Arts

Supervisors: Dr Amy Holdsworth and Professor Karen Lury, School of Culture & Creative Arts, University of Glasgow.

About David’s Research

David Stewart Andrew Lothian
David Stewart Andrew Lothian

This project focuses on the performance of autism in film, and the ways that neurotypical actors make this invisible disability visible through physical behaviours such as autistic ‘stimming’. This project will examine ‘stimming’ as central to the screen characterisation of autism, but also how its ‘emotionless’ inverse has become a culturally accepted repertoire in the performance of autism. Whilst this project will utilise screen performance theories to open up questions of representation of neurodiversity on screen, it also questions what it means to recognise other performances as resonating with the experience of autism, drawing -autoethnographically- upon my own neurodivergent subjectivity.


E-mail: 2701703L@student.gla.ac.uk
Facebook: ArtOfStimming