Jenny Elliot

Policy, process, practice: Practitioner-reported barriers and opportunities for realising greener, healthier UK public spaces at greater speed, scale and quality


Jenny Elliott (she/her) is an award-winning Chartered Landscape Architect and Urban Designer. Jenny is a strong advocate for design-led, collaborative and data-driven place-based approaches to reimagine and improve our cities for health, well-being, user experience and environmental sustainability. Her expertise sits at the intersection of urban design, placemaking, public space and user research, and visual communication (graphic design, illustration, photography).

Jenny’s PhD research explores the design, planning and decision-making experiences of built environment professionals that ultimately lead to the reality of public realm places we see when we look out our windows or move around the city. The research uses design thinking and systems thinking approaches to identify key barriers to realising public spaces that maximise public health and environmental outcomes in practice and how these challenges might be addressed.

Jenny Elliott’s PhD research at the University of Edinburgh is funded by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities, in collaboration with industry partner Connected Places Catapult.


Twitter: @JennyElliottEdi