Kathrine Page

Project Title: The Deer Turn: reimagining nature and culture duality through human-red deer relations in Scotland’s archaeological past

HEI: University of the Highlands and Islands

Faculty: Institute for Archaeology Orkney College

Supervisors and HEIs:
Prof Ingrid Mainland and Dr Ben Elliott, UHI
Dr Andrew Kitchener, National Museums of Scotland
Dr Rosalind Bryce, Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College UHI

About Kathrine’s Research

Kathrine Page

My doctoral research takes an innovative social zooarchaeological approach to exploring culture and nature duality and considers how this can be applied to archaeology to develop a more interconnected, multispecies, and sustainable response to the current ecological and climate emergency.

My research will focus on red deer; an emblem of Scottish identity and wildness in the present; and will investigate the archaeological record to challenge our understanding of this powerful symbol in relation to nature and culture within a selection of prehistoric societies. Taking a deep time perspective which encompasses material culture and ecology alongside zooarchaeology, alternatives to our current attitudes towards nature will be explored. This research will therefore contribute to future ways of being with and living with animals and the environment.


E-mail: 16009195@uhi.ac.uk
Twitter: @Orkat3