Luke Whittle

Project Title: Scotland’s Diabetics: Patient-Consumerism and the Doctor-Patient relationship within State Funded Healthcare, 1921-1976

HEI: University of Dundee

School: School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

Dr Patricia Whatley, History and Information Studies, University of Dundee.
Professor Rory McCrimmon, School of Medicine, University of Dundee.
Professor Graeme Morton, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, University of Dundee.

About Luke’s Research

Luke Whittle
Luke Whittle

The discovery of insulin in 1921 rapidly transformed diabetes from an acute to a chronic condition. The diabetic now existed within the context of long-term lifestyle-style management and vigilant attention to diet and glucose levels. Using a combination of archival and oral history methodologies, my research seeks to explore how Scotland’s diabetics engaged with their healthcare professionals, evolving pharmaceuticals and technology, and their own diabetic identity. Crossing the boundaries between urban and rural Scotland, this project will consider the patient experience within state-funded healthcare, from the Highlands and Islands Medical Service to the NHS. Ultimately it will explain how Scotland’s economy, society and environment influenced public health provisions and the personal experiences of the chronically ill.


Twitter: @diabeticscot