The unwritten presence of emotions in archaeological research and their future in archaeo-gaming

Luca Ottonello, University of Glasgow

My project explores the strength and influence of nostalgia, and how this may be connected to personal or community ideology and may be connected to negative emotive aspects as well through the use of an archaeo-game. The other objective of the project is to create anxiety, anger, and feeling of helplessness and give a linear ending despite the decisions taken, this is associated with issues of discrimination, feeling of superiority, and destruction of heritage due to intrinsic subjective issues, or other more objective reasons.

The inspiration for this technique does not come from previous studies, as there are none present in this particular direction, but from a particular game that touched upon such issues, using a similar cartoonish style: Bioshock Infinite, this game heavily relied on issues of racism, historical facts mixed with fantasy and gave a feeling of choice and control to the user, giving the feeling that each good choice would result in a better result, only ending in a much worse fate for the discriminated people and the user himself, up to the point that at the end of the game, a long monologue explained the futility of any action and the inevitable death of the main character as he is the main bad guy himself.