Thomas Hanson

Project Title: Remembering ‘The Troubles’: Contextualisation Practices in Archiving of Conflict Photography.

HEI: University of Glasgow

School: Information Studies at the School of Humanities.

Professor Maria Economou, Information Studies, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.
Dr Mirna Solic, School of Modern Languages & Cultures, University of Glasgow.
Dr Niall Whelehan, University of Strathclyde.

About Thomas’s Research

Thomas Hanson
This project will examine how photographic collections of The Troubles (1960s-present), held within museum archives and other archival institutions, are documented and contextualised through titles, captions, and keywords. It will seek to uncover how archival and documentation practices impact on understanding and memory of The Troubles and, more broadly, of contested histories, particularly in the context of victimhood, silent heritage and peace-building.
By working with a number of SGSAH partners, as well as further afield in Ireland and England, this project will identify how bias infiltrates documentation practices and is consequently reflected into the public realm.

Twitter: @tmmht2
Instagram: @conflictcurated