Vlad Butucea

Vlad Butucea 2022

PhD Cohort 2022

HEI: University of Glasgow

Funding: AHRC DTP

Project TitleQueer Digital Performance

Supervisors: Dr Michael Bachmann and Dr Stephen Greer, School of Culture & Creative Arts

What was your research about?

My research is about the bodily interactions between spectators and technologies in digital performance. I look at the implications of sharing bodily sensations, intimacy, touch and connection with technologies.

What made you apply for the SGSAH AHRC DTP?

I wanted to have the time to explore something in-depth, and to be able to learn and think about what I love most – theatre!

Which aspects of your PhD did you enjoy the most?

The early exploratory reading and research. I loved the sense of discovery and all the world of ideas that opened up to me.

How has your PhD helped you to decide on a career path?

My PhD is fundamental to my role as an assistant lecturer, as it provided a base of knowledge that I can now share with others and build upon.

It helped me solidify my career as a playwright, allowing me to learn a lot about theatre and theatre making. A lot of the ideas explored in my research made their ways into the plays I worked on outside University.

And now?

I work as a freelance writer for stages and screens and as an assistant lecturer in Drama and Performance.

One piece of advice you would give an incoming PhD researcher?

Use the time to explore, whether knowledge, practice or both. It is rare that such an opportunity is presented.

Where can people find you?

SGSAH; SGSAH ResearchWebsite: www.vladbutucea.net
Twitter: @vladbutucea