Wesley Kirkpatrick

Project Title: Bringing You the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing Like the Truth: British Fascism and Film Across the Interwar Period.

HEI: University of St Andrews.

School: School of Anthropological, Philosophical, and Film Studies.

Supervisors: Dr Tom Rice and Dr Paul Flaig, School of Anthropological, Philosophical, and Film Studies, University of St Andrews.

About Wesley’s Research

Wesley Kirkpatrick

This research project explores the multifaceted ways in which the British Union of Fascists (BUF) utilised and exploited film and media in interwar Britain. Through close analysis of previously unassessed archival materials – including surviving British fascist films, newspapers, records, and personal papers – the project argues that film and media were integral to the BUF’s emergence and growth as a domestic and international political organisation. Simultaneously revealing striking correlations with contemporary right-wing and populist media practices, analysing British fascists’ usage, production, and criticism of film casts a fresh light on fascism’s growth, establishment, and ultimate failings across interwar Britain.


E-mail: wk27@st-andrews.ac.uk
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