Alistair Carson

Project Title: Next Generation Virtual Musical Instruments: Physics-informed Neural Networks for Sound Synthesis and Digital Audio Effects

HEI: The University of Edinburgh

School: School of Music, Edinburgh College of Art

Professor Stefan BilbaoAcoustics and Audio Group, The University of Edinburgh.
Professor Simon King, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, The University of Edinburgh.
Dr Cassia Valentini BotinhaoSchool of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh.

About Alistair’s Research

Alistair Carson
Alistair Carson

Physics-informed neural networks are an emerging class of algorithms in computational physics which combine traditional physics-based simulation methods with modern machine learning approaches. This project aims to develop physics-informed neural networks for the unique purpose of sound synthesis and audio effects modelling – emulating the sonic characteristics of musical instruments and equipment through digital signal processing. The motivation is to create next-generation digital instruments which are more realistic and therefore more inspiring to musicians. Specifically, the focus will be on vocal synthesizers, guitar amplifier simulations and virtual room environments.

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