Ema Bašić

Ema Bašić works as a research assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Regional Centre Gospić, Croatia. She’s a PhD student of Sociology of Regional and Local Development at the University of Zadar, Croatia and the University of Teramo, Italy. Her field of interest concern cultural and creative industries and sustainable rural development.

Host HEI
: University of Glasgow.

SFC Saltire Emerging Researcher projectCreative Industries in Scotland’s (and Croatia’s) Rural Areas.

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are being recognized for their rising importance not only in urban, but in rural context too. However, the lack of digital and cultural infrastructure in rural spaces often leads to a discussion of how ‘creative’ the countryside really is. In this project the expertise of UofG’s arts and cultural research on CCIs in Scotland’s rural areas were beneficial for Ema Bašić’s PhD research on CCI development in Croatia’s rural region of Lika. Such expertise is lacking in Croatian academia, and through this project this new knowledge, research skills and networks were built. Thanks to that, Ema got in touch with various experts and learned more about the experiences of cultural and creative workers in Scotland’s rural areas.

Digital collage of different landscape images
Image credit: Ema Bašić

E-mail: Ema.Basic@pilar.hr or Emaabasic@gmail.com
Twitter: @ebasic13
LinkedIn: Ema-Bašić