Gerardo Sánchez Argüelles

Project Title: The Loss of Grammatical Gender and its Impact on Syntax and Discourse

HEI: The University of Edinburgh

School: School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences (PPLS)

Supervisors: Professor Bettelou LosDr Robert Truswell, and Dr Linda van Bergen, PPLS, The University of Edinburgh.

About Gerardo’s Research

Gerardo Sánchez Argüelles
Gerardo Sánchez Argüelles

Why and how the basic word order of a language may change is still a puzzle. Pronouns give important clues in language acquisition as to the base position of the object. In early English, there was a change in basic word order at the same time that certain object pronoun constructions were lost. This project hypothesises that the loss of grammatical gender played a crucial role in the loss of these tell–tale pronoun constructions. This will help us understand how word–order change can be the result of a domino–effect of changes going on elsewhere in the grammar.