Grace Wright

Project Title: Positioning Women’s Agency in Land Agitation and Protest in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, 1847-1897

HEI: University of Glasgow

School: School of History at the School of Humanities

Supervisors: Dr Martin MacGregor and Dr Sheila Kidd, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.

About Grace’s Research

Grace Wright
Grace Wright

This research will explore women’s agency in the conduct of land agitation and protest in the Scottish Highlands between 1847 and 1897, analysing their participation in the different modes of resistance utilised against an oppressive and exploitative system of land management through a series of local studies. It will expand on the conventional understanding of “protest” as public and organized through an examination of women’s gendered contributions. This will be done by identifying and analysing women’s voices and actions in archival and primary source materials, including public and private correspondence, government records, newspaper reports, legal testimonies, and poetry.

Twitter: @graceq_22