Grace Borland Sinclair

University of Glasgow

Working Title:

Feminist Fabulations: The Speculative Fiction of Scottish Women Writers 1860-1980

Research Description:

My project will chart a history of Scottish feminist speculative fiction, including Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF), from 1860-1890. It will do so by investigating the work of several writers, including Isabella Fyvie Mayo (1843-1914), Lady Florence Dixie (1855-1905), Naomi Mitchison (1897-1999) and Margot Bennett (1912-1980). Each exemplifies a unique connection between a distinct feminist imaginary and a juncture in activist history. The speculative imagination will therefore be investigated as an outgrowth of lived experience and an element of activist praxis. This project will contribute to the critical restoration of literary and activist histories, with the aim of expanding feminist SFF discourse.