Harry Legg

Project Title: Non-Jewish “Full Jews”: The Everyday Lives of a Forgotten Group in Nazi Germany and Austria, 1933-1945

HEI: The University of Edinburgh

School: School of History, Classics & Archeology

Supervisors: Professor Donald Bloxham and Dr Stephan Malinowski, School of History, Classics & Archeology, The University of Edinburgh.

About Harry’s Research

Harry Legg
Harry Legg

Much is known about the experiences of self-identifying Jews under Nazism. Far less has been written about the relatively small group of individuals who, despite not identifying as either religious or secular Jews, were nonetheless labelled as ‘full Jews’ by Nazi racial law. The hypothesis of my project is that decades spent outside the Jewish community before 1933 meant that the lives of non-Jewish ‘Jews’ after 1933 differed considerably from the lives of self-identifying Jews. My PhD is a macro-level, primarily qualitative, everyday life analysis of this cohort. I use memoirs, interviews, diaries, and all manner of sources from both online and offline archives.

E-mail: s2329913@ed.ac.uk
Twitter: @Harrylegg1998