Nysa Loudon

Project Title: The Ecology, Materials, and Aesthetics of Unusual Fibres in Early/Prehistoric Textiles.

HEI: University of Glasgow

Department: Department of Archaeology at the School of Humanities.

Dr Susanna Harris and Dr Nicki Whitehouse, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.
Dr Paul Garside, School of Culture & Creative Arts, University of Glasgow.

About Nysa’s Research

Nysa Loudon

The project explores the link between prehistoric peoples’ relationship with their environment and choices of foraged fibres for textiles. The disappearance of ‘unusual’ lesser-known fibres such as tree basts, mosses, vines, etc. in favour of economically scalable domesticated fibres, has left a gap in our knowledge about the properties, sensory qualities, and craft required of these fibres. Analysis of the material and sensory properties of archaeological textiles across Eurasia, experimental modern equivalents, and the related paleoecology will illuminate how ancient peoples interacted with their environment through textiles. This research has implications for the modern textile industry and its environmental sustainability.


E-mail: n.loudon.1@research.gla.ac.uk